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Today's lunch for v33

Kivik's Temple

Lunch menu including apple bread, salad table, drink and coffee 90: - - 195: -

Fried Salmon with browned butter and pickled apple, dill roasted almonds and boiled potatoes
Must-braised Scanian cutlets with smoked pork, cauliflower, apple and rosemary potatoes
Apple glazed corn chicken on salad with feta cheese cream and asparagus and croutons
Primary pie with herb salad and Swedish pesto, or alternatively served with spiced ham
Children's meatballs with apple cream sauce, boiled potatoes and lingonberries!

Price from 98 kr

At Kiviks Musteri's cozy courtyard is Restaurang Kärnhuset, where you can enjoy good food from your own recipes made from local produce and with the temple products as a red thread through the menu. Here you can relax with everything from a cup of coffee and an enjoyable apple cake to a carefully prepared lunch of the day. We have full service for conferences and also welcome larger dinner parties.

Must-Fr 11: 30-14 | Lo-Sun 12X
Phone 0414-719
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week 33

Österlens Golfklubb Lilla Vik

MF 11.30-15.00

Price from 120 kr

week 33

Mårten's kitchen / Café Hjärtat

Must-To 9-18 | Fr 8-18 | Run 10-16

Price from 85 kr

week 33

Nordic Sea Winery

See our website

Price from 95 kr

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