Cimrishamn scored top teams

Cimrishamn scored top teams
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 11 February, 2019

Martin Larsson in his home country had a good afternoon in Jonebergshallen. Anders Bäckman is prepared to take care of any return.

FC Cimrishamn played a draw on Sunday afternoon when the top team IBK Lund visited the Jonebergshallen in Simrishamn. After a strong turnaround, it could even have won the Simrishamn team which, however, had to settle for 6-6 on the scoreboard after the 60 played minutes.

Larsson held the FCC in the match

After a great introduction with high tempo from both teams, the guests took the command and also received a dividend up to 0-1. The minute later it was close to 0-2 but an incomparable rescue of Martin Larsson in the home goal put an end to the two-dimensional substandard. The mobility in the attacks of the much younger guys from Lund forced Cimrishamn down into a tight box which in turn forced the Lund team to play around the ball and shoot from a distance. The guests' takeover gave fair dividends when one minute remained of period one. A nice release behind his back relieved Martin Holgersson who lifted 0-2. The home player of the period was Larsson in the goal who with luck and skill kept the numbers down.

"Martin makes a fantastic match but many of the rescue he does, I expect him to do," says Cimrishamn's coach Fredrik Hennigor.

Martin Larsson in FC Cimrishamn's goal can be satisfied with his afternoon in the Jonebergshallen.

Strong turn in the second period

How would the FCC change the match image? The answer came in the second period when higher and more aggressive pressure from the home players made Lund unable to hold the ball as easily. The match was at 3.30 when Tobias Johansson found Andreas Björborn who sprang in the reduction until 1-2. After eight minutes, the FCC's Andreas Larsson was stunned after he ran out. Penalty for the home team. Anders Bäckman showed cold when he pressed 2-2 to the right of Lund's goalkeeper. Lund withdrew the lead when a distance shot went in at one of the home posts. After 16 minutes, Veton Gashi jumped on a ball on the left and dotted 3-3 and with two minutes left of the mid-season Andreas Björborn slammed with a backhand shot that the guests' goalkeeper couldn't hold. Strong by Cimrishamn to turn the first period's 0-2 to 4-3 line after others.

Dennis Hedqvist in blue in battle with a Lundapåg.

Both teams went for profit in third

Lund's receipt hunt started immediately in the last period. The guests again had great ball possession but rolled most around the Cimrishamn's frequent box. Instead, the home team got into danger and after six minutes Tobias Johansson did 5-3 on a free kick. Shortly thereafter, Cimrishamn was hit by two expulsions in the same match sequence, which came to be decisive. Lund took advantage of the takeover and reduced to 5-4 after seven minutes. The acknowledgment hunt resumed. The receipt was also in the air shortly thereafter but Larsson in the home made a new phantom rescue along the floor. The FCC suffered another expulsion and on the subsequent free-throw, the receipt came when the home team didn't really get into the defense positions. However, the home team wanted more. Big cheers in the hall after 11.40 in the final period when Fredrik Jeppsson elegantly steered 6-5 ahead of goal.

Fredrik Jeppsson in blue did the 6-5 goal for Cimrishamn but Lund acknowledged when five minutes remained.

With five minutes left, Lund was awarded a penalty that was used until 6-6. Then the law took its time out in trying to make a decision. None of the teams succeeded in this and the entertaining match ended in a draw of 6X.

- Acid when we headed with two goals in the last period. The expulsions sabbatized for us but I am still quite satisfied. This is the series' best team despite not leading the series, says Cimrishamn's coach Fredrik Hennigor.

FC Cimrishamn-IBK Lund 6-6

Goalie FC Cimrishamn: Andreas Björborn, Anders Bäckman, Veton Gashi, Tobias Johansson and Fredrik Jeppsson.

Cimrishamn remains on a negative qualifying spot with five rounds left to play. The two away matches for the FCC are waiting for IBK Finn, another top team from Lund, visiting the Jonebergshallen on the 9 March.

Gärsnäs 14 year olds won Harlösaspelen

January 29, 2019

Gärsnäs AIS currently has access. This weekend the a-team won third prize in prestigious Nils Holgersson Cup where 64 teams were registered. At the same time a few vintages further down, the sporting society's 14 year olds rolled home the Harlösspelen in futsal. The final in Harlösa won with 1-XNUM over Furulunds IK.

Training gives results

Gärsnäs 14 year group consists of 16 friendly players who regularly train futsal now during the winter. The training is also supplemented with a physical and agility pass once a week. And exercise training seems to yield results. In addition to gold in the weekend Harlösaspelen, the gang from Gärsnäs won last year also Änglacupen, came second in Askecupen and went to the final in Sparbanken Skåne Cup. In the price cabinet there are also bronze medals from the A-finals in Torna Hällestad Jubileumscup and Åhus Beach Fotboll.

1 price to Gärsnäs AIS in Harlösaspelen.

What is it that makes new things so good in cups and that you even took you all the way to several final places?

- We have a great desire to win in the team, we are a good squad with many talented players. A pretty clear idea of ​​how we should play where all players are involved and contributes, says Gärsnäs leader Pelle Mårtensson.

How are you going to celebrate this victory?

- We have not been able to celebrate anything since it was very late on Saturday. We also have more tournaments planned so we aim to go far more times and then hit the celebration together later.

Rydsgårds AIF took home the Nils Holgersson Cup

January 27, 2019
Rydsgårds AIF won the Nils Holgersson Cup for the first time.

64 teams were registered for this year's, the 15, the Nils Holgersson Cup in Skurup. When the final 20 minutes were finished, one of the two organizer clubs, Rydsgårds AIF, was victorious after the final victory over Lunnarps BK. The third prize was won by Gärsnäs AIS.

In one semi-final, Lunnarps BK surprised by knocking out one of the pre-favorites IFK Malmö with 3-2. Rydsgårds AIF went to the final by defeating 3-1-Vellinge IF. In the final, Rydsgård took an early lead before Lunnarps Fredrik Ahl thundered in the receipt with the left foot. After Rydsgård did 2-1, Lunnarp had difficulty unlocking Rydsgård's stable defense. Closer than a bar meeting did not come Lunnarp and at the end of the finals Rydsgård made 3-1 and thus secured the title.

Lunnarps BK one team ended second in the Nils Holgersson Cup. Here the goalkeeper Angelo Demdal receives the second prize.

The match for the third prize between Vellinge IF and Gärsnäs AIS became an even event where the law was followed up until 3-3 which was also the position after full time. The extension also ended the draw, 0-0. Penalties were settled and Gärsnäs won, which thereby took a qualifying third place.

Gärsnäs AIS made a very strong cup - third with 61 teams behind.

The pre-advice was of course at Lunds BK from division 1 and the division 2-law Österlen FF, Kulladals FF and IFK Malmö. But it turned out that there was a lot of football know-how even in the law from the lower divisions. Not least impressed several Österlen teams. In fact, half of the quarter-finals law was law from Österlen - Tomelilla IF, Spjutstorps IF, Gärsnäs AIS and Lunnarps BK. And two of these reached all the way to the pallet location - Lunnarps BK second and Gärsnäs AIS third.

- We are defending ourselves pretty well, especially today during the playoffs. Everyone helps backwards and there were small margins in the final, taking the post that almost took us to 2-2 as an example. We have 62 teams after us in any case, said Lunnarp's coach Magnus Andersson right after the final.

You didn't really get the attack game in the final in the same way as before during the playoffs.

- No, Rydsgård is disciplined, big and strong and doesn't offer a millimeter. It suits us worse, in the previous matches we could against, we could not in the final. We had two teams in the cup and we wanted to put up with two even teams and considering that was the final place even better, Magnus Andersson concluded.

Gärsnäs AIS also made a very impressive effort.

- We are a strong group that takes step by step. We have reached the semifinal in many tournaments, now is the last step we need to work on. We are satisfied and put the puzzle pieces in place, said Gärsnäs AIS coach Ola Nilsson after the awards ceremony.

How does it look before the upcoming season?

- We have had to keep the squad and got some player so it looks good. Last year we were newcomers and reached a qualifying spot upwards. This year we will try to get up, Ola Nilsson concluded.

Nils Holgersson Cup was arranged by Rydsgårds AIF and Skivarps GIF.

Alex Blomqvist takes new charge in Gif Sundsvall

January 27, 2019
Alex Blomqvist.

Simrishamskillen Alex Blomqvist has, in turn, belonged to the mother club IFK Simrishamn, Malmö FF, IFK Värnamo, Trelleborgs FF and recently it became clear with a transition from Trelleborgs FF to Gif Sundsvall. Before last year's season, then in Trelleborg, we learned to know Alex in a longer interview. Time for a replay, and a good luck in Sundsvall!

Meet the defense shadow Alex Blomqvist who is currently loading Trelleborg's FF's return to Allsvenskan. Österlensport met Alex when he was recently at home with parents, siblings and friends in Simrishamn for a few days of socializing.

- There will be peace and quiet, some good dinner. A little game with the brothers and so I will see Kamratcupens final day. I will run a running pass as well. It is not possible to put on five kilos during the leave, then it is not fun to come back. If you are an athlete or sportswoman at the elite level, you live it all the time, 24 hours a day. It is important to take care of your body - exercise, eat and rest. Then I and my partner plan for the move - we have rented a house a bit outside Trelleborg. It should be nice to avoid wearing our dog weighing 40 kilos up and down the stairs to the apartment we lived in. Now it will be garden and better place when family and friends will sleep over with us, ”says Alex Blomqvist.

Do you enjoy your life as an elite athlete?

- Yes I do. Ever since I left school I have lived that life. You live a life on the plane with training and matches and another life that no one else sees. It is almost like a double life where it is about making sacrifices. When you are active, it is important to take the chance. The career as an elite athlete is not that long.

"Do I get a position I do goals"

You're called Alexander, but most of you call you Alex.

- I have been called for a lot of different things - The flower, Sander and when I came to Malmö it became Alex. In our family, the children have many names. Nowadays almost no Alexander says to me so it feels like I'm called Alex now.

Sometimes you are also called Mr. Block, how are you?

- It's more when it's talked about me. It started when I played in Malmö FF's junior team. It is always appreciated when the defenders cover shots and I succeeded with it a few times.

Alex Blomqvist. Photo:

2015 (IFK Värnamo) and 2016 (Trelleborgs FF) played Alex all 30 series games. Last year it was 27 series matches and also four goals, which is quite unusual for a center back.

Has Mr. Block become Mr Goal?

- In Värnamo I scored zero goals in 30 matches and last season four goals in 27 matches so I have improved the cut pretty much, but it depends on the role you have in the team. In Värnamo, there were other players you were primarily looking for in fixed situations. In Trelleborg I have become one of those that we try to find and then more modes will automatically come for me. If I get a position, I do goals. I'm on top of every corner and every offensive free kick so some ball per season I as the midback should poke in.

Allsvenskan again, now in new role

The 11 January re-assembles Trelleborgs FF's squad to make a start for the allsvenskan season 2018. Most recently Alex played in the All Swedish Championship, he was a skier in Malmö FF. Now he is a defense shadow that much of the defense game revolves around. A completely different role now.

- It's a huge difference. Now I feel that I am someone, have my given place in the dressing room and an important role on the plan. I feel the whole club appreciates me.

Alex MFF
2013 made Alex Blomqvist all Swedish debut for Malmö FF.

Do you have any individual goals for the coming season?

- I just want to keep playing and keep in good physical shape to be able to contribute as much as possible on the plan. If I'm going to do five goals or that we should keep the zero in ten matches does not matter that much. The most important thing is that I get to play and that we can establish ourselves in the Allsvenskan.

As an all-Swedish newcomer, Trelleborg's FF learns to find himself being underdog in most games. Quite often, however, newcomers are surprised, especially initially. The competition season starts already on the 9 February, when the Swedish Alliance's southernmost team at away level is set against the northernmost (Östersunds FK) in the Swedish Cup's first group game match.

- We could hardly have a more difficult match to start with but the ball is round and it is early in the season. We will turn out inferior throughout the season and I think that suits us well. Look at Östersund, Sirius and Jönköping - they did well as newcomers. It will be tough, you can't expect anything else. We believe in our team and our idea. Even if we do not stick to it, it is important that we keep the idea, our game style, so that we can get up again. Sooner or later, the team and the organization will be strong enough to become an established Swedish club. The most important thing is that we know who we are and how we should play and behave.

It sounds like you will run the same gameplay in Allsvenskan as you so successfully drove in Superettan last season.

- It is difficult for me to say how the coach thinks, but I like to see that we continue on what we have built up. There is no need to change it, at the same time if we meet Malmö FF away maybe we should not go up and press in the offensive penalty area so we must of course check on who we meet and from time to time adapt a little, but at the same time keep on what we are good at.

What are you good at, what are Trelleborg's strengths?

- We are usually good when we are aggressive and put pressure on the opponents.

Weaknesses then?

- We have a bit left when it comes to building up our own game from behind. Then our attack game needs to be a little better but it is still well on the way.

When the interview with Alex was made, the player squad was thin, only thirteen players were ready for the comeback in Allsvenskan. The middle back colleagues from last season Magnus Andersson and Kristian Haynes have both stopped. Among the middle backs there was only one name - Alex Blomqvist.

- We have lost some experienced players so there will be more responsibility on us slightly younger players to take more responsibility now. I hope that a few more players will fall into the window now. For example, it had been welcomed with a left-footed center back.

Do you have any influence on who or what kind of middle back colleague you would like to have at your side and which club should say?

- No, it's the club's decision. It is not just about football but also about finances and other things that should match.

Number 14 after Thierry Henry

Alex's contract with Trelleborgs FF went out in the autumn and it was rumored that there were changes to Hammarby, IFK Norrköping or IFK Gothenburg. Instead, it became a new two-year contract with Trelleborg.

Were there any concrete suggestions from other clubs besides Trelleborg?

- There have been clubs that checked when I played but no concrete suggestion or signal that any club wanted to buy me out of the contract. Some clubs heard of them but in the end it was Trelleborg that I felt most for. Here in Trelleborg I have a given role and the club believes in me. Had I changed club while playing a level higher than last season, it would have been another competitive situation where I might not get as much playing time.

IFK Simrishamn, Malmö FF, IFK Värnamo and now Trelleborgs FF. Alexander Blomqvist's football career has exclusively been in the club colors blue and white. Probably a coincidence but it still raises the question.

Are blue and white your favorite colors?

- I haven't thought about that. No, my favorite color is red - I'm cheering on Arsenal so for me, red has always been the finest color. As a youth player in Simrishamn I always had jersey number 7 but when the seventh was busy in Trelleborg I switched to 14 because my favorite player Thierry Henry had 14 in Arsenal. I like that number.

Alex Blomqvist in the mother club IFK Simrishamn. Photo: private

Who is the best striker you've met?

- Thierry Henry, even though he wasn't the best right then. He was in the New York Red Bulls when we met them during a training camp in the US. Mustafa El Kabir was also very good when I met him.

In Allsvenskan then, what attacker do you fear most?

- Of course, I look forward to this year's match, including Malmö FF. It will be fun to meet Rosenberg. Goitom in AIK is also good, a wise player.

We talk for a while about the transition from little IFK Simrishamn to the much larger Malmö FF, where Alex already came as 13-year, and the much tougher attitude in Malmö.

- It was completely different in Malmö. No one was nice to you, you hardly had to borrow a water bottle if you had forgotten their. It was more "your shot". You have to learn how to behave and stand in the front to be able to take the last step.

Which is the final step?

- I want to show that I am a good all-Swedish player and that I am at that level. Then everyone dreams of getting a chance out in Europe or in the US. It's nothing that is unrealistic, it's just to keep working hard and believe in yourself, then I think the opportunity will come in the future. Look at Johannes Hopf who is now playing in Turkey. It goes even if you come from below.

"Patrick Winqvist is very tactical"

Patrick Winqvist was Alex's coach already at high school in Malmö. Also in Malmö FF (both in the junior team and U21) was Winqvist included in the coaching staff. They both know each other well after all years together.

What is the best thing about having Patrick as a coach?

- He is very committed and gives his everything for his ideas. Then he is tactically very good, the opponents carefully study what weaknesses and strengths they have. Often when we get into the match, we know what it will look like on plan and what will happen. Then it is not always as we can handle it, but at least we know about it. Many underestimate the tactical ability and I think Swedish football generally needs to be tactically better and more upset in order to develop the game one level more. This applies to both the national team and the club level. Then the players are safe in their roles and know how to play and where to have each other on plan, Alex concludes.

Facts Alex Blomqvist

Born: 1994
Height: 1,84 m
Weight: 78 kg
Position: Centerback
Foot: Right
Shirt number: 14
Mother club: IFK Simrishamn
Current club: Trelleborgs FF
Previous clubs: Malmö FF and IFK Värnamo

Coach in focus when Cimrishamn turned towards Malmö

December 10nd, 2018
FC Cimrishamn's coach Fredrik Hennigor jumped in and decided the match against Malmö FBC.

Three coaches, two current and one former, had crucial roles when FC Cimrishamn turned Saturday a major drawback to winning against Malmö FBC at home in Jonebergshallen.

5-XNUM in the last period!

When the Malmö team pushed away the lead until 2-6 in the middle period, most people in the Joneberg Hall believed that the match was run. But Cimrishamn showed great morals and stood up - 5-1 in the last period impresses.

Anders Bäckman back, as a player

Former coach Anders Bäckman who left FC Cimrishamn for the season to play in and train a competing club is now hux flux back in the FCC. In Saturday's match, Bäckman became a coach, which meant that regular coach Fredrik Hennigor could instead take the step into the pitch.

- My job opens office here in Simrishamn so there will be less commuting now. This is a wonderful gang and it should be nice to just play and not train the team, says Anders Bäckman.

Will the site come with additional player reinforcement?

The match was smooth and during the two initial periods Malmö showed efficiency in the finish while Cimrishamn burned many open positions. Before the last period, the home team changed goalkeeper, out went Per Månsson and entered the box Philip Olsson.

- When we have the audience in the back that we have here in the hall there is no law that strikes us. We had two defeats before this match and it was not noticed. The guys are so damn lovely, even though I am really just a coach, it is not a whine when I jump in and play, and everyone just runs on. Philip Olsson was terrific in the goal and a big part to the fact that we managed to turn the match. Then I also want to highlight Andreas Björborn (also assistant coach) who did three goals and makes a super job from the first second, says coach Fredrik Hennigor who put the 8-7 goal then only three minutes of the game remained.

Fredrik Hennigor also suggested that a Christmas present in the form of an additional reinforcement in the player squad is being turned on.

FC Cimrishamn – Malmö FBC 8 - 7 (1 - 3, 2 - 3 - 5)

The goals FC Cimrishamn: Andreas Björborn 3, Simon Hedqvist, Albin Hammargren, Viktor Lykkegaard, Fredrik Hennigor.

Joel Eriksson renews DTM contracts

December 9nd, 2018
Joel Eriksson.

Joel Eriksson is ready for a second season in the DTM - Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters - and will continue to compete as a factory driver for BMW in the competitive touring car championship under 2019.

Eriksson gets renewed confidence in DTM after a debut season when he, among other things, managed to win a race, in Italian Misano, and thus at the age of 20 became the second youngest winner in the championship history.

BMW, like 2018, will be designing six cars in the DTM in the next season. Five of the drivers - Eriksson, Marco Wittmann (GER), Philipp Eng (AUT), Timo Glock (GER) and Bruno Spengler (CAN) - were announced in connection with BMW's annual Christmas party in Munich on Friday night. Decisions on who will drive the sixth car will be taken next week.

- I am very happy to continue to represent BMW in DTM next season, says Joel Eriksson. I have learned incredibly much both on and off the track this year and it can be stated that the competition in DTM is absolutely rock hard. It is extremely developing and requires learning from scratch. With one year's experience in the baggage I hope, of course, that I can take the next step and regularly attend and challenge at the top.

DTM goes under 2019 into a new era, where, among other things, new two-liter turbo engines (620 hp) are introduced and a common technical platform is being built up together with the similar Japanese Super GT championship. The plan is also to carry out two competitions together with the Super GT; one in Japan and one in Germany.

It is also clear that Aston Martin will step into the championship next year, replacing Mercedes-Benz, while Audi, as well as BMW, will continue just as usual.

The 2019 year's DTM calendar comprises a total of nine competitions, with a traditional premiere on the Hockenheim track in southern Germany the first weekend in May.

Facts about Joel Eriksson

Born: 28 June
Living: Tomelilla
Club: Kristianstad Karting Club


Team 2019: TBA
Engine: 2-liters 4, turbo, 600 + hp


2017: Bilsport Awards: This Year's Racing June
2016: Bilsport Awards: This Year's Racing June
2015: International success
2015: The Car Sport Gala: Youth of the Year
2015: Bilsport Awards: This Year's Racing June
2014: The Car Sport Gala: Youth of the Year
2014: Rydell Special Award

National Team

Joel Eriksson is part of 2018 in the Swedish senior national team in racing, appointed by the Swedish Sports Association (SBF). Joel is the A national team's youngest representative.

Holmén before Fredricson - double Österlen in Stockholm

December 2nd, 2018

For five years Stephanie Holmén has worked at the couple Lisen Bratt Fredricson and Peder Fredricson at the Grevlundagården in Österlen. Obviously instructive years - during Saturday's international horse competition at Friends Arena in Solna outside Stockholm, "Steffie" won the teacher Peder who jumped into a second place.

Stephanie Holmén on the horse Flip's Little Sparrow made a flawless ride in the 1,50 jumping with the time 59,58. Fredricson on the horse Hansson WL took the initiative to make an even faster flawless jumping. And he almost succeeded. It only separated eleven hundredths to 27-year-old Holmén's advantage. Third in the Saturday jump Petronella Andersson was on the horse Eclatant.

Besides the honor, Stephanie Holmén won a car worth a good bit over 200 000. During the fall of the USA, she was a reserve in the national team. The question is whether or not the talented rider from Österlens Ridklubb is about to jump into a national team scene. In any case, we keep the reins.

Blagojevic goes west - ready for FC Rosengård

28th November 2018
Mladen Blagojevic.

After three years as head coach for Österlen FF, and assistant coach for Mjällby AIF part of the past season, Mladen Blagojevic stepped up these two coaching assignments last fall. New club address for the voice-rich coach is the division 2 club FC Rosengård in Malmö, which he and Ylli Shabani train from the turn of the year.

Like Valentino Lai's layout

How does this happen?

- It was the right time for us to get together now. I like the presentation presented by the club with Valentino Lai as sports manager. There will be good continuity and hard work, says Mladen Blagojevic.

Blagojevic also works as a football coach at a high school in Skurup where he performs nine passes per week. Now there will be another four training sessions with FC Rosengårds a-team. Officially, Blagojevic checks in with FC Rosengård at the turn of the year but already the Blagojevic winners' skull has kicked off.

- The goal is to make good results, both on a plan and as a leader. Of course, it's about winning. Recently I won a ping-match with 4-1 in a set against a student here at school.

What will you miss from your time here at Österlen?

- I am a social person and have made friends for life at Österlen, just talked to Erling Silverberg. What I will not miss is all the driving and the risk of meeting on an elk.

Dejan Blagojevic ready for KSF Srbija Malmö

Do you bring some players from Österlen to Rosengård, your brother Dejan (Blagojevic) for example?

Dejan Blagojevic leaves Österlen FF and recharges in division 4.

- I'm not taking anybody with me. Then if there is someone who wants to come then it is up to that player. Dejan turns down a bit and will play division 4 football for KSF Srbija Malmö, concludes Mladen Blagojevic.

Fourth place for William Nilsson in Cape Town - despite the problems

27th November 2018
William Nilsson.
Photo: McKlein

During the rallycross in South Africa, William Nilsson became best Swedish in his fourth place. At the same time, he ends seventh in the international championship RX2 International Series.

- During the year, I have developed as a driver and the setbacks have in several ways made me stronger, says Nilsson.

The rally cross is over for this year. It was Cape Town that got the point for the season and the RX2 International Series. For the 19-year-old show, the weekend was far from trouble-free. During the first and second round, the steering burst after two different incidents and in the fourth round Nilsson got puncture. In the semi-finals he made a good start from other stages, but after three laps he got problems and the brakes stopped working. Even so, he managed to make a second place. In the final, Nilsson was in a good position when the driver got a puncture in front. He was forced to weigh, the drivers collapsed and he spun off the track.
- Of course I lost the chances on the podium in the competition. But there was not much to do in such a situation than trying to make the best of the situation. Considering how the competition has gone before, I am satisfied with the fourth place. At the same time, I have shown that the pace exists, even though it was not enough all the way, he says.

Frustrating season

This year's season has been long and struggling, but nevertheless Nilsson has a second place in Supercar Lites-SM and a fourth place in RallyX Nordic, and seventh place internationally.
- It has been a sickly frustrating season, but nevertheless I take with me an SM silver and finish seven in the world through this series. Of course, I aimed for a higher result, with honestly: "Shit happens". During the year I developed as a driver and the setbacks have in several ways made me stronger. In short, I close the 2018 door and already open the 2019-year gap.

Exactly what happens next season is not yet decided, but there are no plans to put the helmet on the shelf.
- I want to thank my sponsors, the family and my team JC Raceteknik. Thank you for believing in me, always supporting and making this possible. Rallycross is a complex sport. It's not just about gas and driving, but there are many components that must cope. We do this together, because one could never have succeeded alone.

Nacka's statue in Borrby renovated

27th November 2018
Nacka Skoglund's statue in Borrby on Österlen was renovated this summer.

The football icon Lennart "Nacka" Skoglund has been given two statues in Sweden. One at Södermalm in the middle of Bajenland, and one at the sports ground in Borrby here at Österlen. The eastern humid climate has worn hard on the Borrby statue, made of old shipboard, since it was inaugurated eight years ago.

Now the statue has been renovated. The initiators of the statue's rise, Rickard Andersson and Ulf Andersson, together with representatives of Borrby IF have been helped.

- The statue is hollow and damp air creeps in, both here and there. Rust is natural, it is, after all, eight years now. We have done superficial washing and sanded the statue, then we painted on a new color, ”says Ulf Andersson, who, incidentally, is the industrious baj supporter and older brother of the federal coach Janne Andersson.

Ulf Andersson in connection with a Christmas Eve match between Bajen Fans Österlen and Borrby IF's oldboys.

Nacka is wearing the brazilian team Fluminense's white match set, you weren't keen on painting over the brass's match set and replacing with Bajens green-white stand?

- Now, the statue stands there to mark a historical event. Actually, Nacka would have lyred with the Österlen combination that met Fluminense in that show match in Borrby 1960, but the Swedish Football Association stopped it. Instead, he played with the brasses and therefore it became Fluminense's match set on the statue, continues Andersson.

When the statue was inaugurated, there was an occasional local patriot who questioned why the Bajar and the south shore Nacka would stand statue in Skåne. Today, the statue has become part of Borrby's soul and is both popular and well-attended. Many, especially green-white, holidaymakers at Österlen are able to visit Nackastatyn when they spend holidays in south-eastern Skåne, and every Christmas Eve, Bajen Fans Österlen and Borrby IF arrange traditional Christmas Eve celebrations at the statue at 12.00.

- Bajen should also place a training camp for Borrby before next season, Ulf Andersson suggests in the end.

That Hammarby comes to Borrby on training camps probably has high odds. The green-white fans will probably keep up with the traditional Christmas Eve celebration at the statue.

IFK Simrishamn continues with Kamratcupen

21th November 2018
FC Plisat won Kamratcupen in futsal 2018.

IFK Simrishamn's popular Kamratcupen looks to get rid of even this winter. Twelve teams were registered for the senior class on Tuesday evening and the organizer now hopes that more applications will drop in before the registration period expires in just over a week. The group play is decided on 30 December and 2-XNUM January. Final day on the 4 of January.

Hoping for over 20 teams in the senior class

- We hope to be over 20 teams in the senior class. IFK Simrishamn presents its new acquisitions. Österlen FF and Tomelilla IF are also registered so Österlen's best team is all with. In addition, two futsal clubs with, Futsal Deluxe and last year's victories FC Plisat, says IFK Simrishamn's youth manager Izet Kaljic, who at the New Year will be the role of board representative in the Simrishamnsklubben.

So far twelve registered teams

FC Plisat, Futsal Deluxe FC, IFK Simrishamn 1, IFK Simrishamn 2, Sankt Olof IF, Borrby IF, Tomelilla IF, Hammenhög IF, Torna Hällestad IF, Liga 06, Gärsnäs AIS and Österlen FF.

"Chance to show off to a large public"

In addition to the senior class, a youth cup is also played during the Kamrat Cup. But no women's cup will be this year either. The interest there is too bad, which is of course due to the fact that there are not enough women's teams who want to play futsal.

IFK Simrishamns Kamratcupen always attracts a large audience.

Any news for this year's Kamratcupen?

- We should be more frequent with reporting of pictures, reports and video clips. We want it to be a nice setting with music and effects, especially during the playoffs (with DJ in place). And as always, there will be a cruel atmosphere in the stands. So here are many profiles in place, teams and players. As well as coaches. A good chance for associations to show up for a large public and for a lot of children and young people who come and look.

Group play slot live

Kamratcupen is a futsal cup that is arranged in the Korsavadshallen in Simrishamn. The group play slot is live on the 7 December at 19.00 via IFK Simrishamn's Facebook page.

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