Cilia's food & room at Killegården, Kivik
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Cilias food & room at Killegården

cilias-mat rooms guy Garden Mellby-peace-and-quiet

Here at Cilias food & room at Killegården we want to have fun while we work, and we hope it is noticed that we enjoy life. "Stress, time to fit, must, does not have time", are all words that are not found on Cilias food & room. There are also no white cloths or crossed asparagus. With a big heart, lots of desire for life and love for food and back you will find here. Here, the unplanned can become a reality and maybe you will experience something beyond what you expected, it is at least our ambition.

At Killegården we have ten double rooms that change in size but everyone has the same "home with us" feeling. In some of the rooms, it works with a wheelchair, but we do not want to say that we have any 100% handicap-friendly rooms, but we do our best to ensure that you also have a good experience with us. After all, Killegården is an old skåelänga and not quite easy to adapt to all the day's wishes.

Dogs we have on the farm and if you want to bring your dog / cat we assume that you have a good idea that your dog / cat works with others and that it lets the rooster sleep in peace. If your dog / cat protests loudly about the accommodation we will ask you to take this away, see also the cancellation policy: liable for compensation.

We want all guests to enjoy peace and quiet, small and large with respect for each other and the atmosphere of the farm. The playground is located at the harbor and Stenshuvud has nice climbing paths for it with jumping in the legs.

Food at Cilia is like home away, so we want you to feel when you walk through the gate. With us, stress is outlawed, what happens is when it is time for it. The food comes when it is finished, the coffee when it is cooked. We use the raw materials that we find best for the day, so we have no menu to present. But there are a number of ideas about what can be served.

Welcome to Cilias food & room!

Cilias food & room at Killegården
Kiviks Storaväg 37
27731 Kivik
0708 63 60 01
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