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CanCan 7

CanCan interior
Visit us in the beautiful brick red 1850s house opposite the church in Stora Köpinge.
Here you will find furniture and interior details together with art & ceramics.
You will get inspiration on how decor and art work together. A selection of them
garden furniture we sell can be tried out in our colorful garden.
You are welcome all year round for private interior design advice. We also drive
interior and garden events on various themes that affect your home. They happen
both locally and digitally.
Follow us on Instagram ak_cancan or our Facebook page CanCan so you stay
updated. Please visit the webshop via
In the village there is a playground (behind the church), a café and in the immediate area you can visit Österlen
spices, Olof Victor and not far away you have Karl Fredrik at Eklaholm.

Open times and booked times
Book your time or visit our general opening hours:
High season June-August:
Tuesday-Thursday 14 p.m. 19-XNUMX
Low season:
Wednesdays at. 15-19 and first Sunday of each month at. 13 - 17.

Stora Köpinge Byväg 67
+070 844 48 66
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Tues & Thurs 14:00 - 18:00

Our current events

Art & Interior design in a nice combination

18 Sep at 11:00 - 20 Sep at 17:00
Visit CanCan and experience the art and interior design cured, it is… Art & Interior in s ...

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