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Cake Cowboy is a Chocolate Saloon & Grocery where you enjoy chocolate, delicacies and behind in all its forms to the country music tones in a saloon environment. Cake Cowboy tries to work as organic and locally produced as possible with first-class chocolate and local produce.

We make your cake for everyday life, wedding and party. The Ride Away menu is in the saloon where we present dessert, drink and what the pastry chef has to offer for the day. In our range we have a red thread ... A Pang series! Today, there is a chocolate drink, ice cream etc.…

Country evenings with different artists are organized a little now and then where we enjoy grilling and goodies.

We receive inquiries about chocolate tasting and boasting courses at e-mail
Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see everything that happens in our saloon and you will find more detailed information on our website
Cake Cowboy can be found in Hantverkshuset at Kivik's Great Road 49 in Kivik.

Welcome to Cake Cowboy!

Cake Cowboy
Kivik's great road 49
277 32 Kivik
+0414 68 45 10
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Our current events

There are no upcoming events right now.

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