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Bygg & Fastighetstjänst Österlen

Bygg & Fastighetstjänst Österlen

Bygg & Fastighetstjänst Österlen

Österlen Bygg & Fastighetstjänst offers you solutions for your home and business.
We help you with all the craftsmanship in the home and at the company such as painting, carpentry, assembly, repairs and wallpapering.
We also handle new buildings, kitchen changes, window changing, patio etc.
We have extensive experience in construction, renovation and real estate services and today also offer cleaning services. Of course, we offer you the use of Rot / Ruth deductions.

Use Österlen Bygg as your supplier in construction and tiling!
We offer services at affordable prices and are rewarding repeat customers.
No assignment is too small or big!

Welcome to contact us for calls or quotation.

Bygg & Fastighetstjänst Österlen
Back street 50
272 35 Simrishamn
+0414 412 774 XNUMX
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