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Buhres at Kivik

Buhres at Kivik

Buhres at Kivik

With us you will find pickled herring, fresh fish and seafood, smoked products from own smokehouse, ready-made dishes, salads, sauces and small delicacies.
We also have a large assortment of cheese, biscuits, marmalades and other good local and imported delicacies.

Buhr's restaurant is beautifully situated on the harbor level in Kivik just a stone's throw from the sea.
To the restaurant on the ground floor you are warmly welcome at everything from lovely shrimp cakes and fish dishes to seafood boxes, or just a glass of wine. There we have the drop-in. You order the desired menu at the checkout at the entrance and we serve you the food at the table, indoors or at our outdoor dining area when the weather permits.
For our buffets on the 2 floor we gladly take table reservations. bokning@buhres.se

Silla door
Our Sillalucka is the place for you who want something simple, traditional and good. You sit under the sky and enjoy food with a view of Kivik's old village and the Baltic Sea with Haväng in the background. The favorite on the menu is fried herring with mashed potatoes but for those who rather eat something else there are several options.

Buhres at Kivik
Brogatan 7
277 30 Kivik
0414 - 702 12
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Our current events

Mother's Day at Buhres

31 May at 11: X - 16:00
Take the moms out on a lovely 2 course fish menu by the sea. … Mother's Day at Buhres Read more

Guest play with Marcel Nilsson from Enoteca Maglia - Buhres

29 at XNUM: XNUM - 22:00
Marcel Nilsson, chef and sommelier, at Enoteca Maglia in Gothenburg, ... Guest Games with ...

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