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Buhres at Kivik

Buhres at Kivik

Buhres at Kivik


We would like to say that with us there is something for everyone. A relaxed meal in our restaurant, modern and quick lunch in Sillaluckan and the good to buy with you from our well-stocked delicatessen. Maybe a piece of salmon or delicious shrimp straight from our smokehouse.

With love for the sea

Buhres is located in the picturesque Kivik, right next to the sea on the magically beautiful Österlen in Skåne. Generations of fishermen's knowledge of what the sea can offer is reflected in our food craftsmanship, and our philosophy is based on the place and history where Buhres opened almost four decades ago and sold fresh fish to guests and the people of the village. Today, Buhres at Kivik is a gastronomic meeting point. Food joy. Tradition. Community. Here you can enjoy the best that the sea has to offer in a tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful environment. We prepare our ingredients in a modern way, but craftsmanship and traditions are a matter of course and we protect the food culture heritage in our region.

Smokehouse with fingertip feeling

In our small-scale smokehouse, seafood is carefully smoked. Everything is prepared on site. We smoke our famous smoked salmon with a well-balanced chip mixture. Smoking is an old method of preservation and for us it is obvious to smoke in a traditional way. The wood-fired method requires the competence and fingertip feeling of the smoke master, and gives a unique, nuanced taste, surface and beautiful color to the fish. The store is one of Sweden's most well-stocked fish and delicatessens. Here you will find everything from your own herring fillings according to secret recipes, to exotic fish, oysters, lobster, sauces, pies, sandwich cakes and delicacies from your own kitchen.

Silla door

In summer, we open up "Sillaluckan", where we serve our own interpretation of Nordic fast food. Good and uncomplicated dishes. Sillaluckan is a popular meeting place for a lunch or simple meal. Every year, about 50.000 food-loving and hungry people, both the people of Kivik themselves and tourists from Sweden as well as neighboring countries and more distant places from all corners of the earth come here to lubricate the mess. Sometimes we invite to food events for connoisseurs who want to experience the joy of food in all simplicity. We take the world to our kitchen and see guests thrive and meet, have a bite to eat, try oysters on the terrace in the sun, feel the pulse of a guest chef game or meet relatives and friends over a large-scale Christmas from the sea when Kivik harbor is in frosty winter garb.

Welcome to us!

Buhres at Kivik
Brogatan 7
277 30 Kivik
+0414 - 702 12
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