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Facts about Österlenbyn


As a gateway to Österlen.
Where road 19 from Kristianstad divides into two, road XNUMX towards Simrishamn and road 19 towards Ystad via Tomelilla, Brösarp is located. Brösarp's location on the southernmost slope of the Linderöd Sauce has always been important and given the village its character. Gästgivaregården is safe in the village since 325 years and is constantly expanding. Gästis is a gathering point of several in the vibrant village with its many beautiful, well-kept gardens.

The service level is high with health center, dentist, pharmacy, inn, spa, pizzeria, café, sports field, grocery store, meat shop and other specialty shops, carpentry, art hall, cultural center, galleries, retirement home, F-6 school and petrol station. The association life in the village is wide. Brösarps IF, with the beautifully situated sports field Utsikten, is successful in football for both boys and girls and in the summer house village of Brunsvik houses Andrarum's IF, the oriental oriental's mecca.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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