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Facts about Österlenbyn


The small, but elongated, village of Brännorna, in Tomelilla municipality, on both sides of road 1672 between Onslunda in the south and Ekerödskorset in the north lies in alternate terrain where mixed forest groves are joined by arable land.

In the Brännorna there is a wooden house company, a reputable gallery, Ateljé Brännorna, with not least ceramics, which is visited by many art and craft enthusiasts during the annual art round during Easter time, as well as a successful riding pony studio and educational stall.
Until the middle of last century there was active mining in the Brännorna. Here, shine, zinc blend and sulfur clay were broken, but above all, fluorspar. The traces of the mining operation can still be seen in nature if you make an effort.

Closest places with service of various kinds, including school, is Onslunda a few kilometers south, St. Olof just over five kilometers to the northeast. In to Tomelilla it is about 10 miles.
Bus connections are available from St. Olof, Fågeltofta and Onslunda.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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