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Österlens heart. The village is surrounded by wooded ridges and rolling fields, with four kilometers to the popular long white sand beaches between Borrbystrand and Sandhammaren. The village around the village is characterized by agriculture. Directly adjacent to the northern parts of the village there is a valuable natural area, Borrby slopes, a mosaic of rivers, small waters, pastures and deciduous forests.

The area has a rich wildlife and is widely used for walks and other outdoor activities. According to older documents, both legend and history, there was a castle located where the church is today. The castle was inhabited by a cruel, predatory warrior or knight, whose name was "Borre" and thus gave the name to the village. Here is also the source of the legendary sacrificial site S: t Sissela's spring. More about the ancient Borrby can be found on the village's website. Borrby is today a well-located service location in the southern part of the municipality.

Here are many small businesses, craftsmen of various kinds, a dozen associations, preschool, primary and middle school, health center, pharmacy, nursing home, bank, large grocery store, car repair shop and gas station, hairdressers, DIY store, kiosk, pizzerias, pub, digital cinema, riding school, camping, hostel and several bed & breakfasts. Today, Borrby is also "bokby", Sweden's first, with several antique shops.

The church is located in the middle of the village and the high tower spiers are far away. The church is one of the largest in Österlen and has wonderful, stained glass windows from 1910 and 1912. Cycling to the beach from the village is both quick and safe. Bus connections to Simrishamn, 17 kilometers to the northeast, Hammenhög five kilometers north and Ystad 20 kilometers west are frequent.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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