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Borrby cinema was safe in operation 1919 but ads from 1917 were found under the name Borrby Cinema. They also announced 1919 under the same name until the summer break, but in the autumn they change their name to Biografbolaget Borrby. The building is one of the oldest preserved in Sweden, which has only been used for bio activities and where the business is still in progress.

In Borrby cinema organization, we are working on documenting the history of Bion. It can be personal memories of cinema visits, films shown, bio programs, photos, old tickets or other in connection with cinema and its history.

Now you can book the ticket directly on the website where you can see our current film offering. You pay at the cinema before the show starts. We only take cards and Swish.

Welcome to our nice cinema!

Borrby Bio
Sandbyvägen 4
276 X. Borrby
0702 97 00 25
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Our current events

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

1 September at 19 - 21:39
LOS ANGELES YEAR 1969. A sacked TV star and his stuntman try to make a comeback in a Holl ...

Hasse & Tage - a love story

8 September at 19 - 20:45

Downtown Abbey

15 September at 19 - 21:00
DOWNTON ABBEY The film focuses on the Crawley family, a wealthy owner of an Edwardian estate ...

Toy Story 4

22 September at 15 - 16:40
Woody has always felt confident about where he belongs and that his most important task is to take ...

Wild rose

22 September at 19 - 20:40
WILD ROSE The young Irish Rose-Lynn has already experienced a lot; when she comes out of a prison ...

Pain and glory

29 September at 19 - 20:53
Pedro Almodóvar's "Pain and Honor" is a deeply personal insight into a possibly fictional film ...

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