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When we travel on highway 19 just north of Fågeltofta we see in the slope, west of the road, the exciting four-lane cross-work farm Bondrumsgården, which once ended up on the slips throughout the country.

Skånegården, the so-called Albogården, on Skansen had burned down and then the head of Nils Erik Baehrendtz then searched with light and lantern for a skåne farm that could replace. He had seen Bondrumsgården and wanted to have it moved to Stockholm. A powerful public storm erupted and the local community association managed, with the support of many interested parties, to keep the 1700-century farm in the village. The farm is in an authentic condition and even the old garden, the herb garden, is in its original condition. Every year many people visit the old pearl in the village, which otherwise consists of residential buildings built in the 1800 century, a number of houses from the years around 1900 and houses from the 1920 and 30 languages. Some properties are built in the 70 century and even in recent years the village has expanded slightly. Along the old town street, the houses are close to each other on both sides of the street, the oldest right next to the street, while the slightly newer ones are enclosed on each site.

Care trees and lush gardens are beautifully delimited against the surrounding farmland. In the neighboring village Fågeltofta we find a church whose oldest parts are from the 1100 century. A beautiful avenue leads east from Fågeltofta to Kronovall Castle, nowadays most familiar as a hotel with a high-class restaurant and as a base for Åkessons Vinhus. The magnificent boxwood labyrinth in the castle garden also attracts many visitors. Annually there are many wedding celebrations that take place on Kronovall.

Mariavall, just north of Bondrum, is the address of two Benedictine monasteries, the monastery of the Nuns Monastery of Jesus Mother and the monastery of the Holy Benedict. Many seek out the two monasteries for conversation, retreat.
The closest larger communities with shops, schools and other services are Lövestad in the west and St. Olof in the East. Bondrum is located in Tomelilla municipality and to the central location there is just over the mile.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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