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Seven kilometers southeast of Tomelilla, in the middle of the fertile, but not at all pancake plate plains, lies Bollerup, a village where the old meets new in a highly tangible way. About the same age Glimmingehus, ie erected towards the end of the 1400 century, is Bollerup's castle, restored to its original condition in the 1940 century. Not far from Bollerup is also Tosterup's castle.

The country road through Bollerup gently winds between old and significantly newer buildings. Here you can meet horses, ducks and most probably young students all year round. Farming has always played a big role in Bollerup and when the mayor of Ystad, Tage Ludvig Sylvan, bought the goods after Carl XIV Johan's death, he was determined that Bollerup would become an agricultural institute. Since 1903, Bollerup works as an agricultural school. Nowadays, just over 300 students at Bollerups Naturbruksgymnasium, a very popular high school in boarding school, are an eldorado for horse enthusiasts.

The nature around Bollerup's village is farmland, but with a lot of tree groves on the low elevation that crosses the area.
Near the moat built castle is Bollerups church, built as a castle church. The oldest parts are from the 1100 century.
The nearest larger town is Tomelilla with expanded service of all kinds. Two miles to the east is located Simrishamn and two miles to the southwest Ystad. Local bus passes through Bollerup.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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