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32 seats plus space in the sofa corner by the fireplace ...

Bobergs at Hamngården

32 seats plus space in the sofa corner by the fireplace ...

The harbor yard once held a fish smokehouse and on the gable towards the harbor, freshly caught fish was sold for many years to the villagers. Today, Hamngården houses eight cozy rooms and a bistro overlooking the harbor and the sea. You will find us right across the street in the southern port of Brantevik.

Our ambition is to constantly develop both in terms of accommodation and what we offer in our bistro. The most important thing for us is to always take care of you as a guest in the best way, whether you live with us, eat something good in the Bistro or just look in for a glass of wine by the fire.

We who run this gem are Hans Boberg and Suzanne Grenz together with Catarina and Anders Boberg.

Welcome to Bobergs in Hamngården!

Bobergs at Hamngården
Baltic Sea 94
272 NUMBER of Brantevik
06-8200 9807
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Friday 17: 00 - 22: 00 -
Saturday 17: 00 - 22: 00 -

Our current events

Wine Tasting - Iberian Peninsula from West to East!

25 October at 17 - 18:30
Welcome to wine tasting at Hamngården! Friday 25 / 10 at… Wine tasting - Ibe ...

Season ending & Blues at Hamngården

2 November at 16: X - 23:00
When Österlen glows in the autumn darkness we open up, light in ... Seasonal closing & Blu ...

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