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Blow Hastings Castle

Blow Hastings Castle

Blow Hastings Castle

Blåsingsborgs gårdshotell is located in the heart of Österlen. Here it is close to fantastic nature experiences and Kivik's apple orchards.

The farm has been carefully renovated and houses a hotel section with 20 personally decorated rooms and a high-class restaurant. We who work here are passionate about meetings and people and giving our guests the little extra that makes them happy to return to us.

We have experience of making the stay perfect for our guests and meeting every single need. Our conference guests come to us thanks to our adaptation and focus on providing an experience that is unique. We are open all year round and hope you want to visit us and experience wonderful Österlen.

At Blåsingsborg, it is far to stress and everyday life, but close to the good things in life. A rural tranquil and romantic environment. Warm hospitality, the rustle of the wind and the shifts of nature. Good food and drink that satisfies both mind and taste. A warm welcome to Blåsingsborg on Österlen!

Blow Hastings Castle
277 35 Kivik
0414 702 18
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Friday 18: 00 - 22: 00
Saturday 18: 00 - 22

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