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Blue House in Borrby

Blue House in Borrby

Blue House in Borrby

In the Blue House there are several departments / stores. Here you will find RETRO - decor, design and curiosities from the golden years between the 1950 to the 80 century. You will also find newly produced gadgets here - all with a retro feel! The store is also very well sorted when it comes to Signe Persson-Melin's design. New for 2019 is the Department of Farmors Corner with delicious gadgets and furniture for furnishings - Shabby Elegance!
Vinet & Glaset has the gadgets for the wine enthusiast and in the small antique store there are books on wine, cooking, garden and decor.

Blå Husets B&B has three double rooms, all decorated in nostalgic but fresh retro style without compromising on comfort! Great location in the middle of cozy Borrby with close to miles of beaches and just about everything in Österlen. You can eat breakfast in our cafe or in our fantastic park garden when the weather permits.

Adjacent to the store is our retro café where you enjoy the delicious coffee from freshly ground beans, our own tea mix, home-baked, sandwiches. and today's lunch. When the weather permits, of course you can feast on our large, park-like garden, which is worth a trip only to it.

Blue House in Borrby
Buy Street 6
276 X. Borrby
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