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Bertilstorp, the small village in Albo heath, just over seven kilometers west of Brösarp, can rightly be called calm and peaceful. The buildings, which consist of small farms and smaller houses, are relatively scattered along the roads 1607 and 1680.

Here, the landscape is the typical blend of plain and woodland for Albo. Here many streams flow and the terrain is soft hilly. Many nature lovers prefer to walk in the area. Especially popular are Fiskabäcken, Verkeån and Verka Lake. Verkeån is considered one of Skåne's cleanest watercourses. The beach slopes along Verkeån are overgrown with beech, alder and other noble trees.

The flora is very species-rich, because there are plenty of grazing animals grazing the meadows buried between the forest areas. No less than 66 red-listed species are known in the area. Mushrooms are good. Here are rooms for deciduous frogs and long-legged frogs, and here you can find about ten threatened beetle species. For those interested in birdwatching, Verkeån offers barber, boulder and kingfisher. The river also has a lively sea trout strain. The cautious forest flannel can also enjoy crown and fallow deer, deer, moose and wild boar.

Proximity to Christinehof opens summer time for a rich cultural life with both rock concerts and opera. IN Brösarp there is school, rich inn, pizzeria, health center, dentist, butcher, pharmacy, grocery store, pastry shop, petrol station and early every spring, the world-famous Brösarps Antique Fair is organized. For some years now, there has also been a fair for modern furniture and interior details. Bus connections from Brösarp is good.

The 11 May 1944 ended up small Bertilstorp on all of Sweden's news newspapers front. Five in half ten crashed a V1 rocket between Bertilstorp and Breabäck. Actually, it was about a modified aircraft F1 which Heinrich Himmler named V1, Retribution weapon 1. Soon, V1 was followed by a robot rocket, V2, which, like V1, was fired from the rocket base in Peenemünde and would contribute to Germany's victory over Britain. Now it was not so and fortunately the Bomben in Bertilstorp did not cause much damage, but the news value was great.
Today, the village is much calmer.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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