Bengtsson's Lodge

Bengtsson's Lodge

Bengtsson's Lodge

The pub on Bengtsson's Lodge is open Friday and Saturday at 17-23.
Warmly welcome into the cozy stables environment where you can have a beer or a glass of wine and eat a simple meal. Ribs, Angus burgers, Sambal burgers, Canneloni (vegetarian), Cold pub plank, Pancakes etc.

The hostel has a total of 34 beds spread over eleven rooms.
Here is a large parking, freezer compartments, drying room and 2 PC with internet access. We have both fixed and wireless internet connection (wifi).

Ground floor.
There are 4st 2 bed rooms, 2st 3 bed rooms and 1X bedding rooms, and a women's shower and a men's shower each with 4X showers. There are 3st toilets one of which is adapted for the disabled and has a changing table.
In the 2 2 bed room it is good to have a dog or cat. There is a shared kitchen, TV room and PC with internet.
We have a laundry room for rent at the entrance.

Plan / Floor 1.
Here we have 1st 2 bed rooms, 2 xNUMX bed rooms and 4 xNUMX bed rooms 1st Toilets.

Plan / Floor 2.
There is a shared kitchen, TV room and PC with internet.
The accommodation form is a hostel, you take care of your own without any other involvement from us than towels and bed linen if you do not want to bring your own.

You clean yourself and arrange your own cooking in modern kitchen.
Of course we are nearby if you need help with anything. You can come any time you want but you don't bother other guests if you come at night.

Bengtsson's Lodge
Cormorant Building 1
27294 Simrishamn
070 000 94 37
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Pub: Moon-Tor - Closed
Pub: Fri-Sat 17: 00 - 23: 00
Pub: Sun - Closed

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