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Four kilometers southwest of Tomelilla, where the southern entrance connects to road 19 between Kristianstad and Ystad, lies Benestad, the small church village nearest neighbor with the unique nature reserve Benestad Backar. The reserve is also called the Kalktuffen after the precipitates formed when the lime-rich water, which penetrates the slopes, meets the oxygen of the air.

The lime cuff forms a meter-thick layer and in this one has found a lot of fossil remains that tell us which unique species of fauna and flora have been here since the last ice age. A find tells us that this once grew gingko, a species that died out 20 000 years ago! The biotope that is found here in Benestad Backar is called steppe-steered dry meadow and even today exhibits an amazing variety of species. Here we find orchids as a cuckoo key. Here grows axag, blue toe, blunting, goldfish, field nock, stone scratching, but also insect repellent sealant.

The lime sleeve has been broken into the 1900 century. Despite its porous structure, used in a number of church buildings. It is natural that the church in Benestad is built of just limestone, but also the church in Nedraby. It is alleged that parts of the crypt in Lund Cathedral also have elements of lime roof from Benestad. The church in Benestad, like the churches in Valleberga and Löderup, has a stand-alone church tower, a castle. Perhaps the castle was built freestanding because it lacked space for a tower due to the fact that the church grounds slope west of the church.
The water flowing out of Benestad Backar goes down to Fyleån, which still flows through Fyledalen. Until 1924 lay the frequently used Skvattemölla here.

If we are lucky, we can experience both golden eagles and sea eagles that nest in Fyledalen. Of course, it is not as surprising, but wonderful, to see one or a couple of merry singles over the small, pleasant Benestad. North of Benestad is Tosselilla, the family-run field and the Svampabanan, motor stadium with world-renowned.

Every summer it slips a little extra in the quiet villages around Fyledalen. Then the soccer tournament Slaget om Fyledalen is fought where the neighboring villages Högestad, Röddinge, Ramsåsa and Benestad settles on the trophy, a folk joke that gives echo throughout the village!
The nearest major city with schools, municipal services, shops, banks, travel center with train station is Tomelilla.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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