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Hannåsa Gård - Österlen

B&B Hannåsa Gård

Hannåsa Gård - Österlen

A "fastest" accommodation in Österlen!

Kent and Gith, two Smålanders from Växjö, moved down to the wonderful Österlen fall 2015 after finding this lovely old Skåne farm in the village of Hannas, Simrishamns municipality. Here we found the potential for all our thoughts, plans and dreams.
We fell for the vase roof, the inner courtyard, the cool entrance with brick floors and the stone wall, the dining room with 1700-century planks and not least the glazed carriage slider and its nice tiled floor.

The dream of a Bed and Breakfast has been around for some time and after some construction and renovations we have now entered the entrance of our life project.
Our rooms are personally decorated in fresh colors with a rustic rustic touch.
With us included a lovely breakfast buffet, bed linen and towels in the price. Coffee / tea can be enjoyed in the living room or outdoors in the cozy courtyard. Free parking and Wi-Fi. Bicycles are available for rent.

In our café, coffee is served in small floral cups and homemade coffee bread on Sundays during the high season.
We look forward to welcoming our guests and discovering the bright light, the magnificent expansive views of the countryside. Here is a place for relaxation.

We are located in the heart of Österlen near several urban areas such as Simrishamn, Tomelilla and Ystad, and wonderful beaches.
You will find Hannåsa Gård in the village of Hannas which lies along road 9 just outside Hammenhög.

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