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High, almost in between South Mellby and Vitaby, lies the small village of Bästekille, along the winding country road. In the west, Bästekille slopes with pastures, stonewalls and lakes. Around Bästekille there are several popular horse farms with riding stables and horse riding.

The view from the highland terrain towards Kivik, Stenshuvud and the Baltic Sea is breathtaking. The distance to Ahus and St. Olof, with service of various kinds, retirement homes, shops and schools, for example, is about five kilometers. In the village there are cultural offerings such as art exhibitions. Bertil in Bästekilles farm shop offering organic vegetables etc. is also in the village. A stone's throw east of Bästekille lies The peace with its popular wood oven baked pizzas.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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