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Facts about Österlenbyn


In this small fishing village, people have lived since the Stone Age. The name Baske means dry twigs or branches while milling is of course Skåne for a mill where one grinds his grain to flour. The small village lies safely and beautifully on the steep slope down to the Baltic Sea, where the beach gently turns north towards magnificent Stenshuvud. The narrow strait runs between the houses with their well-kept gardens and plots.

On the northern part of the fishing village is the Tjörnedalagården, an interesting half-timbered yard where Östra Skåne's artists' guild runs its Tjörnedala art hall, where the annual art round is the largest exhibition. Below the farm is the Tjörnedalalunden grove which Linné considered to be "one of the most beautiful groves I've seen in the kingdom". The area north between Baskemölla and Vik is a popular hiking area with fantastic nature. Österlenleden passes along the coast via Baskemölla towards Vik.

The fishing environment's genuine environment and scenic surroundings have always attracted artists. The glass hut with Anders Wingård's works must not be missed if you are visiting. The scenic area of ​​the Eco-village is an exciting and impressive place where nature gets a greater influence. A beautiful walking and cycling path leads the four kilometers, past the mill, the hunting track, Vårhallen, Tobisborg and the Tobisvik bath Simrishamn, where schools from preschool to upper secondary school exist. The bus to eg. Kristianstad has a stop outside the village.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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