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Facts about Österlenbyn

Pelvic Hallagården

Welcome to Bäckhallagården - and one of Österlen's by far the most beautiful locations!
Skåne is flat. But there are some plots on the coasts where the hills stretch well over the sea. Bäckahallagården is situated on one of these ridges, with a mile-wide view of the Hanö Bay. The place to live on is selected with razor-sharp precision where barren mountain hills with swaying grass meet fertile wheat fields and knotty old oaks.

The contrast between the total privacy and the proximity to both beach, restaurants and shopping, just ten minutes by bike, makes the situation unique. The property is adjacent to Bäckhalladalen, which is a nature conservation area of ​​national interest. Many people think that Bäckhalladalen is one of Sweden's finest outdoor areas, where you can find tree lark, hake singers, shrike, bell frog, hazelnut and cuckoo keys. Listening to the nightingale is a breeze for the soul.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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