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Studio Echi - Gallery Anima

Studio Echi - Gallery Anima

Studio Echi - Gallery Anima

Studio with own gallery Anima since 1988 in Kivik. Works with acrylic, oil, metal, wood and art prints.

In the studio I work against abstract and sometimes abstract figurative in a color range from black-white-gray to much color. From the beginning, I usually have an idea that, during the course of the work, ends up in something completely different. Works with bearings in stock, scratches, scrapes and puts on paint again - follows my impulses in front of the easel. This method means that the images on the canvas can look in many different ways before I am satisfied with the motif at that time. My motives are inspired by everything around - big and small - travel, people, the building blocks of nature - everything is then mixed in a jumble and opens into pictures.

Hangs up the picture in a larger room so I can pass it a number of times and days and all of a sudden I see something - shit happens - out with the painting in the studio and rectify what my eye doesn't like.

Right or wrong in art - who decides - everyone thinks differently.

Studio Echi - Gallery Anima
Kivik's great road 14
277 31 Kivik
070 855 82 21
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