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Part-time farming with plant cultivation and animals. We live on Åsgård ourselves.

Holkestorp which is about 1km from Holkestorp we bought after dear grandfather and farmer Holke Lundberg in the spring 2005. We spent the summer and autumn 2005 renovating Holkestorp to give Bo the opportunity to farm guests to enjoy fine scenery with birdwatchers, frog song and wonderful evenings. We have Gotland sheep, cats and the Nova and Alice table collies who are very good at breeding and thereby help us with the sheep.

On 5 December 2009 we opened our Farm shop where we sell Lamb meat, Charcoal of lamb, Dinkelmmöl, wool products, Lamb and sheepskin Mm.

We grow organic Spelt or Dinkel which is the German name of the species.

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