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a guardian

Åsa Melin, Gallery Peppinge

a guardian

In Corona times there will be major changes for all of us.
So in the future I have no fixed opening hours, but it is possible to call / sms / email for occasional visits, or to get a digital display.

During the Easter weekend, some of my guardians move out into the open,
can be seen outside, on the front of the gallery.

"Just north of Kåseberga lies Peppinge, the small village that for a long time has attracted artists, writers, actors and life-enjoyers with tranquility and privacy.
In the former elementary school, Gallery Peppinge is housed since 1987. A workplace and a gallery for art and exhibitions - but also a well-known meeting place for music, poetry and human opportunities.
Gallery Peppinge is open all year round - when the snowflakes powder the lawns winter white or the early summer sun gasses over the rooftops. Dramatic weather conditions are, just like the famous Eastern light from an artist's perspective, a space for silence and reflection. A harmony between man and nature, material and expression, whether it touches our outer or inner landscape.
Gallery Peppinge is located in the middle of the village, with openings and exhibitions that replace each other in an endless rosary. Changeable. Wondrous. And peaceful ...

Åsa Melin was born in Gothenburg 1955, grew up in Stockholm and moved 1973 to Österlen where she, together with her mother Lisa Skogsberg, started her artistic activities - a home, workplace and a life base from which she over the years has come to exhibit in Sweden and abroad, including several times in the United States.
After having completed art schools and many years of work, Åsa's artistic expression has largely focused on sculpture - painting - and poetry. In addition to the painting, her facial sculptures, which she has devoted intensively to in recent years, have attracted a lot of attention. Faces representing different peoples and eras, with restful, meditative expressions in their carefully crafted traits.
Sculptures that can be developed when they want to. And if.
Which ones are mounted on rusty old valves, driftwood or other shore finds, thereby gaining a natural link to eternity. To the immortal.
Åsa wants the sculptures as well as her painting to convey an inner stillness and a calm. A kind of meditation. Her greatest source of inspiration is the landscape she lives in. The sky that meets earth and sea. "

Calle Mikelsons

Åsa Melin, Gallery Peppinge
Pepping path 256
271 78 Löderup
070-249 77 00
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