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Growth power of the year.

Growth power of the year.
Written by Annika Olsson / 6 September, 2019

Hello Hello.

Like last year, I have planted sunflower seeds and planted the common little plants in my garden.

Last year, I thought they broke all records. They became so tall and cabbage-grown. But this year, they have probably set a record again and become even higher and stronger.

Even from the red, chinky "Chinese sunflowers", I managed to get the seeds from last year. Now they also bloom so proud and beautiful.

It has probably been a really favorable year for the vegetation in Österlen. In my garden it has bloomed like never before.

It is a bit like the garden year now intends to end with a real color festival.

I love those late summer flowers that bravely remain like the captain of a sinking ship. Naturally, they resist autumn storms, rain and debris. Not until the frost comes are they ready to give up.

Quote of the day:

Doubt kills more dreams than failure will ever do.

Hug on you from me.


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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

What do you really need to call yourself ...

29 September 2019


Who can actually call themselves a "photographer"?

Maybe everyone !? Everyone who takes a card. And with today's technology, almost anyone can become a professional.

Yes, this with professional titles has become a little blurry at the edges I think. Who can really call themselves what? Everyone can probably call themselves exactly what they want and think for themselves. It is when it comes to paying for their expertise that it is all put at their forefront.

Many, for example, are good carpenters and masons, so there is at least a need for housing. But can you call yourself a mason without being educated? Here in Österlen we call them "puggemurare", ie they are "masons rather than good". Well, I myself would not hire any artisan who is unable to show a professional certificate. An electrician without a professional certificate can create a lot of excitement in life….

Or to call themselves a confectioner, who can do that? At Olof Viktor here in Österlen, works a fantastic slut that I know. She is both schooled and has innate talent, so she must absolutely call herself a pastry chef. Pastry maker with good looks. I myself, on the other hand, may at my height call myself "bull mum".

Yes this with professional titles is all a bit tricky. I can't call myself a doctor, even though I think I know a lot about both the body and the diseases. I have also seen many episodes of "The Flying Doctor" in the 80 century. Who would dare to hire me for their troubles if I started calling myself Dr. Gyllebo Annika?

I also know a lot about animals and have also listened to some episodes when my daughter trained as a veterinarian. It is not appropriate for me to pretend to be a veterinarian for that matter.

I both love to write and to photograph, but what can I call myself? Everything is probably about what I demand in return for who I claim to be. Today, it seems sometimes more knowledge is required in editing than in photography itself. And this is not something I can do with Photoshop, so I can pretty much put myself to work for the pictures to be as good as it goes from the beginning as well. And yes, after all, I'm just a hobby photographer.

Quote of the day:

Proof is needed for those who believe. But for those who do not believe, no evidence is possible. Believe in your ability.

Have a really nice Sunday and hug from me.

Gyllebo Annika

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The tracks in the sand.

28 September 2019


I would enjoy the most beautiful sunrise on the beach below Naturum. Or, at least that's what I thought ...

That's how it is. Things do not always get as you think. But it can be really fantastic anyway.

The clear sky and the beautiful bright sun that they had foreseen in the weather report ... all that shone so completely with her absence when I parked the car in the national park parking early morning. The beautiful horizon one can usually see from there was now a single gray "leaf vein".

But as I wandered down to the thundering sea, something always happened to my body and my mind. The shoulders dropped, the tension in my neck eased and I could hear my own thoughts a little better again. The heart sang with pleasure.

Down by the sea it was bright, despite the early morning.

The fisherman's gear was ready and ready at Krivareboden. Maybe the eel fisherman was waiting for the coming new moon. The big eel dark is said to be the best time for really good eel catch.

The sea thundered and foamed white.

It was when I sat there that I suddenly noticed them ... the tracks in the sand.

- ohhh wonderfully beautiful moose, I thought to myself, when I most definitely articulated the clear traces of the sand ...

-tsss, you dar ... you see that you are a bunch of wild boar ....

Yes, when I proudly came home to my hunter husband and showed off the clear moose tracks that I photographed, my own fantastic morning fantasy of beautiful moose turned into rubble. With the self-assurance of a hunter, he proclaimed that what was in my mind were wild pigs and nothing else.

For myself, I actually continue to think that there have been two beautiful moose that passed just a short while before I even came to the site.

No, there was no beautiful sunrise this time, but it was a wonderfully beautiful morning in its own way.

Quote of the day:

We cannot choose the framework of our destiny, but what we put into it is our own choice.

Have a wonderful Saturday and hug from me.


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The beautiful avenue on the hilltop.

27 September 2019

Hello Hello

One early morning I decided to take my morning walk on the hill path here in Gyllebo. It is so beautiful in the sky, and especially now that autumn is creeping in.

The very first maple leaves had gradually begun to adopt a reddish color. Nothing is as beautiful as when the maple changes color.

Me and the dogs gently stepped onto the moss-covered oak planks that lead through the damp parts of the area. It feels a little fun to walk on these boards, because you feel like a kid again for some reason, I think. I usually hum some song in my head as I walk, so there a little for myself ... "Yes yes yes!"

At one point there was a frosty deer book and it was so beautiful so I couldn't really understand what it was like for a tree. Google did not help me much either, but it became the big "Flora of the North" that became my help. The Internet in all honor, but you should not believe in everything there is.

The ferns had also begun to change color.

At the little lake on the way to Sjöröd I stopped for a while. There I think so beautiful, as in a fairy tale. A story about trolls and princesses and maybe some old sea creature ..

Quote of the day:

Life goes on - never forget it!

Have a wonderful Friday.

Hug me, Annika

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Beautiful autumn is coming.

26 September 2019


This time is coming now, it is just so wonderful.

The pictures are from October last year, and I hope that we will be offered the same color explosion this year.

Although this weekend we were invited to beautiful late summer weather here in Österlen. Real ice weather mind you.

At home we had festivities going on and to my great joy we were able to sit outside in our garden and eat party food under the open sky. With a high sweater and blankets for our guests, it was a fantastic afternoon.

In my family, an increase is expected sometime in the fall and that is what we celebrated with thunder and bang. So, it will be so fun with "little again" and I will get a new title sometime this fall ...

Yes, autumn is a pretty fabulous time and especially this fall of course. I enjoy everything that nature offers and look with confidence in the future.

Quote of the day:

If the Stone Age children had listened to their parents, we would still be living in the Stone Age.

Hug on you from me.


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The luxury of scraping around here.

25 September 2019

Hello Hello

That night when me and my dog ​​Johnny took our evening stroll at Forsemölla, we slinked into the beautiful pasture garden too.

Or slim and slim…

"Sicket cuddles you were cuddling here", I thought a little to myself as I helped Johnny across the stairs into the yard.

(that is Skåne and means that it was difficult to get into the pasture simply)

In the past, Johnny happily skipped most obstacles, but now it's a little harder when he has a leg that's a little second. But shame on the one who gives up. With common forces we took over and entered the pasture. Then we wandered around there in the Österlen perhaps the most beautiful pastures and just enjoyed.

Up by the lone tree walked Mandelmann's mountain cows. They glowed white at dusk like ghosts and we could clearly hear the bells they always carry around their necks.

With Johnny in leash, I kept my distance. But never know if they can be upset by Johnny's rightful oversight. We enjoyed a lovely evening both long and well. It is all a great luxury to have the opportunity to roam here.

Then it was the same procedure to get us out of the pasture.

We slowly strolled back to the car. I enjoyed the silence and the beautiful autumn. Johnny enjoyed most of all the sweet scents.

On the sign at the parking lot hung a forgotten hedgehog. It looked wet and a little sad. Maybe its owner has been and brought him home now, but otherwise he probably still hangs there ...

Quote of the day:

It is with freedom as with love. It must be conquered again every day.

Yes, it is indeed a freedom to be able to go out into nature whenever the spirit falls on. And then you can drive home to the cottage and the little husband and conquer love ... if he does not sleep of course, because then I conquer an evening snack instead.

Have a good time and hug.


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Famous Österlen view

24 September 2019


Small lonely trees and chairs have become some of the hallmarks of our beautiful Österlen.

The lone little figure at Klammersbäck, with the two familiar, comfortable recliners underneath, has become a well-known view here at Österlen.

I was told by a Kiviksbo some time ago how it turned out that this little tree had to be left ...

It was said that when you forested and cut down the trees along the shore here, someone had put a note on this little sweet pine that sounded something like this: "Please, leave this tree, because it is so nice I think"

The morning when my dogs and I walked here, we had our sights set on the little tree.

Although the morning was chilly, the sun's rays warmed us comfortably.

Some chairs were not left at the tree and I hoped they were just in for annual repairs. They have also become part of nature here and a wonderful place for a while.

We still rested there during the messy number, before we walked back to Vitemölle again.

Inside the pine forest grew wonderfully beautiful fly mushrooms and small violets. It is very nice in the fall. What makes me almost never find any chanterelles. Red fly mushrooms make the mind happy.

By the time we returned to the parking lot and our old "scrap-bangs", the morning had passed in the morning. The chilly had turned into lukewarm, and it would be another beautiful late summer day in Österlen… or an “early autumn day” if you wish.

Quote of the day:

Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.

Hug friends from me.


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Every day is a rare gift.

23 September 2019


Every new day is truly a gift. A gift that I am getting more and more careful about valuing.

One windy, cold September evening when we ate supper here at home, it was so close that I just sank down on the TV couch. Stefan fired in the fireplace and it looked really inviting. But when I caught my eye on my fine Johnny dog, I decided. He was craving a short lap in nature and so it got to be.

Earlier in the day I had thrown the dog cage out of the car. It has become a little too difficult for Johnny to jump into. Now, instead, there is a nice bed in the whole luggage compartment for him. And if Uncle Constable comes and gets us a loose dog in the car, then there is a budget for that too ... Johnny should have a good time, period!

Me and my happy dog ​​steered the cuddle to Forsemölla. A wonderfully beautiful place that does good for both body and soul.

The wind thundered in the tree tops, the water thundered and the dry old tree cracked alarmingly with its dead branches.

When we went there, Johnny and I, the TV couch there at home did not feel very attractive anymore. No TV channel in the world beats nature's own program.

Wonderfully beautiful, that's what this is!

Quote of the day:

There is only one moment that matters: NOW. It is the most significant moment, as it is the only moment we have any power over.

It is my own responsibility to choose to do something that is good for myself ... and for Johnny of course!

Hug on is, Annika

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Please enjoy.

22 September 2019


My week has been filled with must, planning and fun. And today something fun awaits ...

For those of you who are looking into the blog today, I would like to invite some pictures from our promenade at Vitemölla.

It was a brilliantly beautiful day and we chose to hike up the beach meadow instead of on the sand by the sea. I've noticed that it tempts a little more for my Johnny dog ​​when the surface is soft.

Here in the sandy hills live small cute wild rabbits. Obviously it is very exciting to go here, especially if you are a dog.

September is really a beautiful month.

Quote of the day:

When we listen, we create a sacred place for the homeless parts of someone else.

The most important thing is not to speak, the most important thing is to listen.

Have a good time and enjoy your Sunday.

Hug Annika

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Mulla school for everyone.

21 September 2019


Hello. I hope you all wake up to a wonderfully lovely Saturday morning.

For me, it doesn't really matter what the weather looks like or what season it is. I am completely satisfied with just getting out into the wild. The best start to the day I think.

Last week I walked a lap around the lake. Some guys were in the process of trying their fishing luck. How it went for them, I don't really know. Maybe they got to stay in the Gärsnäskioket on the way home… yes, that kiosk has probably saved many lives…

At the most beautiful resting place of the lake, someone had had a real sea battle. Angrily, I muttered to myself as I pulled out the plastic bag I always carry with me in my pocket. Despairingly, I collected some forgotten beer cans and other debris and carried them all with me to the nearest bin.

I can't understand how you can just leave a beautiful place in the forest like that?

When I was a kid, we got to go to Mulleskolan. There we learned not to "throw away paper and always pick it up". We even got to practice picking up capsules from the ground, which our Miss had thrown out in advance. Of course, that was a bit of a premium. Yes English and math are probably so good, but another mullet lesson probably had not hurt either.

Recently we have had fresh winds here in Österlen. Cloudy windy weather. White geese have also been found on little Gyllebosjön. The fall is undeniably here.

Quote of the day:

I really don't want anyone bad. But some people would probably understand a little better how badly they behave if they ever got the chance to meet themselves.

Feel free to come here to Gylleboskogen, but don't forget to bring your old beer cans and use condoms home.

Have fun and hug from me.


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Like bonsai trees on Österlen.

20 September 2019


In Vitemölla there is a place that is a little extra beautiful.

It is the small beach strip at Norra Vitemölla, where the stream flows out. There, the trees have been shaped like bonsai trees. Knotty willow trees that extend out over the stream. (the creek I think I know it's called Möllebäcken ... though I may be wrong ...)

It was a glorious beautiful morning that I was thinking about walking with all my dogs. A large truck had stopped to unload something at the little bridge that goes across the stream to the parking lot, so we had to stop a bit from there.

All the dogs took care to quench the thirst in the sweet water before we started our hike north.

One last picture I took of the beautiful bonsai trees and their wonderful formation. Sneakily, I thought it would be great fun climbing on those knotty branches. Though that kind of thing doesn't mean middle-aged women, and the knotty branches might not have stood for my weight either ...

The birds sat on the sea-grass-covered stones, screaming. Maybe we had interrupted their morning rituals. Or maybe they just welcomed us to wonderful "Videmylle".

Quote of the day:

Don't be like a parrot - be like an eagle instead. A parrot talks to hell too much, but can't fly as well. An eagle, on the other hand, is quiet and has the power to fly high and almost touch the sky.

Whether you are an eagle or a parrot, you should not talk a lot of crap, especially not about other people. No, away with all the bullshit, it just steals a lot of energy! Pinch your beak and aim at the sky and become an eagle, that all is well.

Hug on you from me.


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