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The second day came as a spring day.

The second day came as a spring day.
Written by Annika Olsson / 28 December, 2018


If I was a little bit sour on Christmas day's greedy weather, all of it was forgotten and forgotten on the second day. So, what a fantastic day!

Me and the dog Johnny started our day by the sea. The sun was coming up and the wind felt almost lukewarm against my cheek.

It was almost completely silent in addition to the harmonious sound of the ocean's still waves. That sound that touches the soul.

Even Johnny looked to be taken by the moment and on the border of religious ... if there is a dog god now. Of course it does!

Johnny and I walked quietly with our noses facing Stenshuvud.

It was Christmas Eve, but it almost felt like an early spring day.

Johnny and I enjoyed the morning and wandered for a good while this day, though the pictures I save to another post.

Quote of the day:

The mind says, continue. Heart says, stop.

Do it sometimes dear ones. Stop, breathe and take everything around. Everything wonderful just there.

Hug from me.


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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

Mulla school for everyone.

21 September 2019


Hello. I hope you all wake up to a wonderfully lovely Saturday morning.

For me, it doesn't really matter what the weather looks like or what season it is. I am completely satisfied with just getting out into the wild. The best start to the day I think.

Last week I walked a lap around the lake. Some guys were in the process of trying their fishing luck. How it went for them, I don't really know. Maybe they got to stay in the Gärsnäskioket on the way home… yes, that kiosk has probably saved many lives…

At the most beautiful resting place of the lake, someone had had a real sea battle. Angrily, I muttered to myself as I pulled out the plastic bag I always carry with me in my pocket. Despairingly, I collected some forgotten beer cans and other debris and carried them all with me to the nearest bin.

I can't understand how you can just leave a beautiful place in the forest like that?

When I was a kid, we got to go to Mulleskolan. There we learned not to "throw away paper and always pick it up". We even got to practice picking up capsules from the ground, which our Miss had thrown out in advance. Of course, that was a bit of a premium. Yes English and math are probably so good, but another mullet lesson probably had not hurt either.

Recently we have had fresh winds here in Österlen. Cloudy windy weather. White geese have also been found on little Gyllebosjön. The fall is undeniably here.

Quote of the day:

I really don't want anyone bad. But some people would probably understand a little better how badly they behave if they ever got the chance to meet themselves.

Feel free to come here to Gylleboskogen, but don't forget to bring your old beer cans and use condoms home.

Have fun and hug from me.


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Like bonsai trees on Österlen.

20 September 2019


In Vitemölla there is a place that is a little extra beautiful.

It is the small beach strip at Norra Vitemölla, where the stream flows out. There, the trees have been shaped like bonsai trees. Knotty willow trees that extend out over the stream. (the creek I think I know it's called Möllebäcken ... though I may be wrong ...)

It was a glorious beautiful morning that I was thinking about walking with all my dogs. A large truck had stopped to unload something at the little bridge that goes across the stream to the parking lot, so we had to stop a bit from there.

All the dogs took care to quench the thirst in the sweet water before we started our hike north.

One last picture I took of the beautiful bonsai trees and their wonderful formation. Sneakily, I thought it would be great fun climbing on those knotty branches. Though that kind of thing doesn't mean middle-aged women, and the knotty branches might not have stood for my weight either ...

The birds sat on the sea-grass-covered stones, screaming. Maybe we had interrupted their morning rituals. Or maybe they just welcomed us to wonderful "Videmylle".

Quote of the day:

Don't be like a parrot - be like an eagle instead. A parrot talks to hell too much, but can't fly as well. An eagle, on the other hand, is quiet and has the power to fly high and almost touch the sky.

Whether you are an eagle or a parrot, you should not talk a lot of crap, especially not about other people. No, away with all the bullshit, it just steals a lot of energy! Pinch your beak and aim at the sky and become an eagle, that all is well.

Hug on you from me.


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Now the mustard is blooming on the beach.

19 September 2019


On the sandy beaches, the beautiful marviole blooms the best right now. With its slightly pale purple flowers it is just so beautiful I think.

It was the gray morning when Johnny and I walked on Borrby beach. Nature's pastel colors made me think of the most beautiful watercolor painting.

There is something very special about this time, when what becomes, through a magic trick, becomes completely silent, still and desolate in Österlen.

When I had forbidden Johnny to try to hunt down every poor sea bird he could see, he instead started eating rotting seaweed. For the "Johnnie Law" says that something must be done, he just has to come up with, always and everywhere ...

I myself crawled most of the time and perpetuated the beautiful marviole ... or the beach soap as it is also called. The plant that is edible and learns to be a delicacy. If you suffer from scurvy, it is also said to be good against it.

After one last glance towards Bornholm we went back to my old Volvo. My fantastic "dog car" that after approved inspection can roll another year on Österlen.

Quote of the day:

Get fascinated instead of frustrated.

Instead of dipping over a cloudy day, one can rejoice in how beautifully all the colors stand against a gray-blue sky.

Have fun and hug from me.


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The fly shit, now a memory only.

18 September 2019


In September I always have an inner monologue with myself. Take a window cleaner here or take care of all the 25 windows yourself.

After hot summer months with millions of flies, all my window panes were completely dotted with fly shit. So it is always there at this time of year, and probably it is for everyone who has window panes in their homes.

(fly shit is Skåne and means fly shit)

Although window cleaning is among the most boring I know, the best thing is that there are just shiny clean windows.

Imagine coming up from the bed straw and being greeted by a happy sunflower through gleaming freshly decorated windows. It also causes the weariest soul to come to life.

Because even though the days are shrinking and the darkness falls on earlier and earlier, it is lovely with clean windows. You want to have as much light as possible.

Do you remember mine? red hibiscus? It has got a little blue "buddy" who has also started blooming now. Sure it's lovely !!

Quote of the day:

I hate when older people say, "Young people today can't even write writing". -Okay Berit, you can't open your computer without getting 6 virus and transfer half your pension to a Nigerian prince.

Never underestimate the skills of young people. However tedious the window cleaning may be, I am more than happy to exchange service with one of my daughters. I fix their windows, then they clean up my computer trolley or guide me so I get on the right train or city bus the times it is needed.

Feel good and hug from me.


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But set for Sunday morning.

17 September 2019


On a gray cloudy Sunday morning I chose to start my day at the sea.

Nothing is as nice as a lone walk on a deserted sandy beach.

With the Johnny dog ​​by my side, I enjoyed the humid breeze against my face.

At the edge of the beach was a beautiful oak set up in the sand. Around, a lot of seabirds had gathered ... to Johnny's great happiness.

Given Johnny's bad legs, he was kindly allowed to go by my side. I knew for sure that Johnny had otherwise lost all self control and control. He had set off like a madman straight into the flock of birds. It would not have been particularly good for him or for the screeching bird fever, who strangely strolled around the empty boat.

We stopped for a while and looked out over the sea. I enjoyed the beautiful view where I could see Bornholm far away on the horizon. Johnny was probably wondering how he could go unnoticed on a hostile gull.

Instead of continuing to cheat on stupid pussies, Johnny lay on the side and rolled contented laps in the damp sand. His shiny black coat became a yellow beige like a golden retriever. Then he shook himself pleasantly so it felt as if my whole self was sandblasted. Of course - if you have been to a sandy beach, then it should be visible in the car where you have been ...

Quote of the day:

There are friends for the moment and there are friends for life, but it is only time that can show who is who.

Is there really any better friend than a dog ... No matter how angry I can sometimes get on my Johnny dog, his love for me is so total !! If he gets a reprimand, he just rushes on and gets ready to pounce on me with his great love. Although of course, now in the old days we have much more indulgence with all his cheats ...

Do good and hug


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It is probably lucky that the fall is coming.

16 September 2019


Who had really dared to be dizzy with spring feelings all year long?

Or fulfilled by summer energy all day of the year? After all, they had not been able to do that.

It is probably all good luck that autumn is coming and slowing us down a bit.

Even the animals seem to take it a little calmer now. The cows out in their yard, instead of their slightly eco-friendly spring looks, have now received a somewhat more harmonious shimmer in their fine cow eyes. Their looks are, like, more adultly veiled.

The calves have grown considerably during the summer. As all "gluttons" do when they go green. For sure, you also remember how the pants legs on the kids' jeans had always shrunk a whole decimeter when it was time for the first school day in the fall term. They are always lucky that small calves do not go to school or use jeans for that matter either. Yes, it is probably lucky that the fall is coming.

At home in our garden, all the leaves have fallen off our little rowanberry, and on the roof of the woodshed the flower bulbs bloom as most beautifully.

Autumn usually is a quiet time in my family, but this year there is full activity for us. Things to fix and try. It is good that the autumn comes and creates a little calm. Yes, it's probably all good luck there ...

Quote of the day:

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better. // Albert Einstein

Feel good and hug from me.


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Stop growing.

15 September 2019

Hello Hello

So this growing year, there is no stopping how much it is growing right now.

That the sunflowers this year beat all records, I have shown you before. But to my great delight, the difficult-to-flirt angel trumpet has also tightened up.

This spring when I put out the big barrel with the bare sticks in, I blurted out on it. No, I didn't think I would be able to enjoy any angel flowers at all this year.

But then it became so stately.

So it is these sunflowers. Not only are they extremely tall, no some of them have got huge flowers, twice the size of old-fashioned LPs.

Next year I'll take a break from the sunflower cultivation. Although it can of course be sunflowers even without my participation. There is, after all, evidence of being outside the small pond. There, the birds have their own little sunflower cultivation.

Quote of the day:

Strength does not come from what you can handle. It comes from what you didn't think you would do.

Big hug from me.


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Autumn is so beautiful.

14 September 2019


Autumn is so beautiful I think.

Certainly, the darkness sneaks on and certainly every day becomes a bit colder. But no seasons are as beautiful as autumn.

Nature is getting ready for a much needed rest. I myself am full of energy and feel summer strong and moody.

The scents in the forest make me almost high. Slightly drunk, I enjoy every autumnal breath. Yes, almost as if I happened to eat some of the wrong kind of mushrooms.

The garden has grown up and become as independent as a teenage child. Little support in life, so that everything does not go overpowered. Yes, that's all that's needed now, before the leaves fall.

Autumn is so beautiful I think.

Quote of the day:

Take a day when you decide not to whine or complain about anything? Feel how it feels.

Hug Annika

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Just plain water.

13 September 2019


That lovely evening when we were surprised by the rain, it was just fabulously beautiful.

After all, we had only come down to the beach at Knäbäckshusen when we were surprised by a heavy rain.

Away over Stenshuvud, a small streak of the sun gleamed through the clouds. As a result, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the sea.

Over the national park it cleared up more and more and the sky turned blue again.

Over the sea, there were now two parallel rainbows that seemed to disappear into the depths.

As we approached the National Park, the rain had stopped and I was able to fold down the Kapuschong again. Johnny rushed the water out of the coat and took the opportunity to quench the thirst in the little stream that ran into the sea.

At the Krivareboden, the rays of the sun had once again started to look ahead and warmed us well.

Autumn was reminiscent of a bush's beautiful red-changing color.

On the way back to Knäbäck, the clouds formed fantastic creations in the sky.

Maybe it was one of the more beautiful evenings at this beach on Österlen…

I was so happy that my old fine Johnny dog ​​had a good day with his bad leg, and was able to come with me this evening.

When I turned back towards Gyllebo again, the clouds had begun to adopt a loving pink tone. I felt grateful for life.

Quote of the day:

Clouds and humans mostly consist of water and often represent something they are not.

A wonderful quote that I saw on a friend's Facebook page. So true about plain water. Thank you Tina for conveying this beautiful quote ♥

Hug me Annika

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Our time.

12 September 2019


Autumn, it's a wonderful time. It's here now.

I always enjoy this time of year when the first autumn scent is felt in the air. I really enjoy this year.

My beloved fine Johnny dog ​​has a malignant cancerous tumor in the hind leg. For every morning round he can keep up with, I am overjoyed.

Last week we walked as often as one lap around Lake Gyllebosjön.

As usual, I kept a close eye on Johnny and his way of going. For the first time, I could imagine that maybe he was limping a little and went a little stiffer. We paused often.

The small dogs were full of their…

I enjoyed nature's own artwork.

One fall is not the other like, and I am painfully aware that next year may look completely different ...

For the first time Johnny showed clear signs of pain in his leg. As she wrote, my veterinary daughter, Histiocytic sarcoma is no child's play…

But now is now, and we do every day as well as we can.

Quote of the day:

Sometimes someone comes into your life and gives you the feeling that you are HOME, wherever you are.

Have a really nice day.

Hug Annika

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