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Ann-Louise Månsson, artisan

Ann-Louise Månsson

Ann-Louise Månsson, artisan

Ann-Louise Månsson, artisan

Old technology - modern use

In felting, the wool is treated with soap and water for fabrics, sculptures, clothing or items. It is an ancient technology, quite the oldest way to produce textiles.

Late 60's used felt (felting is also called felting) widespread in the western world as a medium for expression in both textile art and contemporary art. Also in design, where it is considered to be of great importance as an ecologically sustainable and resilient textile and construction material.

- It is exciting to be able to combine an old technology with modern designs and applications. Over the years, I have attended several courses and courses within the craft and seen how many opportunities there are in the ropes, she continues.


The wool is purchased from Åddebo Ull in Uppland. Wool from the Swedish country breeds Gotlandsull, finull and rya.

The frame for the pallets is manufactured by and in close cooperation with Skåne Tranås Snickeri and Anna Agger in Örnahusen. Ann-Louise also sells lambskin from Tranås Skinnberederi.

- I strive for a playfulness, where the color harmonises with the gray scale of the wool. The inspiration is in nature. In country life, Ann-Louise Månsson concludes.

Ann-Louise is a member of ÖSKG, has previously been a member of the Konsthantverkarna in Ystad and has participated in a number of exhibitions.


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