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In the softly rolling Skåne landscape in Albo, here, on the southernmost slope of Linderödsa, we find the village of Andrarum. It is Skåne, most certainly, but not the plain of the plain. Up here on the hill, it is a bit wilder, a little more barren, more varied. The church village of Andrarum is one of the Skåne villages that has undergone both single and large change and legal change. This meant in the long run that the farms in the village disappeared and the peasants instead became torpedoes Christinehof, the dominant estate of the area.

The long beautiful avenue from the castle to the village gives us a clear indication of how close the village was tied to Christinehof. The existence of avenues has made many roads original, although gravel here and was replaced by asphalt. Dominant species in all avenues are chestnut.

Adjacent to the old 1100 century church are the clergy and bellies and a few buildings reminiscent of the once assembled village. The houses are traditional, often long in half-timbered with roofs of eternite, brick or straw. Surely the village's house has once been stained in the red color produced locally at Alunbruket. Even though Alunbruk's last three employees were dismissed 1906, they continued to manufacture red color of alum until the end of the 20 century.

The nature around Andrarum is fascinating, where pasture gardens are mixed with forest groves with both deciduous and coniferous trees. We are pleased to note that beech forest is growing again. When Alunbruket was driven as intensively as possible, all forests were cut down along the so-called Verkalinjen, a circle around the mill with a mile radius. Here and there we can still find very old oaks. Around the village there are a number of ancient remains. The old source S: ta Botilda's source is now filled up.

Of course playing Christinehof's castle great role for the neighborhood than today. The estate is a dominant landowner with an exemplary large environmental profile. Christinehof's eco park will eventually be counted as Skåne's largest tourist attractions with magnificent nature experiences. At the same time, the fascinating story is kept alive and presents the time when Danish nobleman Jochum Beck founded lime mill and Alunbruket, and which during Christina Pipers developed into the Nordic region's largest industry with more than 900 employees. When Alunbruket was the largest, in the 1700 century, it lived in Andrarum as many as in Malmö, around 2 000 persons.

For a number of years, outdoor concerts have been arranged in the castle park with artists such as Bob Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Santana, Ulf Lundell, Tomas Ledin and Status Quo. Opera and exhibitions are offered at the castle.
A stone's throw east of Andrarum lies Hallamölla where Verkeån offers Skåne's highest waterfall, 23 meters, a piece of high-dramatic nature where the bird-enthusiast can enjoy the boulder, barley and kingfisher. Here also horn owl, tree crawlers and night scissors nest. And high above us, of course, happiness floats as a highly evident proof that we are in Tomelilla municipality.

There is thus plenty of lovely nature for outdoor activities and sports. With great success, Andrarum IF engages many orienteering enthusiasts of all ages. On the club's program there are also pure exercise activities and when snow is available, skiing. Nearest villages with schools, shops, restaurants, libraries, health care are Brösarp and Lövestad, both about 10 kilometers from Andrarum.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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