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Artwork Anagram

by Carolina Falkholt at Hotel Svea

The artwork Anagram by Carolina Falkholt was made possible by donations from 174 donors who wanted to save Carolina Falkholt's first work in Simrishamn, Armlängds Avstand, which was created in 2014.

When Armlängds Av Distance was painted over the autumn of 2019, it was decided that the funds raised would be used for a new work of art by Carolina Falkholt in Simrishamn. The collection was aimed at "everyone who thinks that art - in all its expressions and forms - has a given place in a democratic and free society".

The mural Anagram was created by Carolina Falkholt 7-11 June 2020. Anagram also includes the independent work Simris Hand, which adorns the eastern gable of Svea Hotel. Anagram contains six letters in the sign language that form the word "avigan"; if the letters are discarded, the word becomes different. The artwork was inaugurated on 13 June 2020 with Gudrun Schyman as the inaugural speaker.

Thank you to all the donors who have contributed to the artwork Anagram!

The artwork has also received grants from the Yngve Östberg Foundation and financial support from Svea Hotel, Kjell and Patrik Zackrisson. Project management for the creation of Anagram has been Mia Gröndahl, Patrick Zackrisson, MalinMatilda Allberg and Maj Ström. The creation of Anagram was documented by the filmmaker Neta Norrmo.

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