Away on Österlen
Away on Österlen

Away on Österlen

Away on Österlen

Restaurant Allé is located in fantastic surroundings on Österlen near Stenshuvud National Park. The landscape offers wonderful nature views in all seasons. Here you are really in the countryside.

A visit with us is a sensible experience for both eye and palate. All food is prepared from scratch.
Here, both taste, aroma, texture, color and shape create new dimensions for the discerning. We are passionate about what we do and do not want to sit under the competence we possess.

On the whole, we work with all the festivals of the year. For Easter you can enjoy our popular Easter buffet, at Christi Himmelfärd we enjoy the asparagus.
In November and December we have the house full of Christmas table visitors. New Year's orders for catering of the highest quality.

In the restaurant, we arrange everything from wine tastings to cooking courses, but are as good as out in the garden or the forest. In our bright and spacious conference room, it is possible to hold half or full day conferences and larger gatherings become memories for life in our large banquet hall. Why not let us take care of your wedding party?

We have extensive experience in catering, ranging from small to large parties. We are happy to help you with total solutions. Since we have a large contact network of partners, we are happy to help arrange tents, sounds, lights, furniture, porcelain and more.

Make a visit to our café with the shop section. Here you will find both hot and cold dishes as well as scrumptious pastries. Sit down in our sparkling garden with a cup of coffee.
At Allé, the quality is equal to our brand.

Welcome to the farm with genuine food joy!

Away on Österlen
Svinaberga Ingvarsdal
277 35 Kivik
+0414 - 714 44
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