Facts about Österlenbyn


Select the departure path towards South Mellby i Raskarum and become an experience richer. The narrow road leads through a unique piece of Österlen, heavily hilly, so steep in its places that there is a piste just in Åkarp. Downhill skiing is just over 200 meters and many people come here when the snow is in place and the temperature is right. Åkarp is a village with scattered farms along the said road. Here you find, among other things. Åkarps brydestua with linen preparation.

The name Åkarp is known in writing as Akathorp already 1313. First, 1713 is the name written as we write it today. It probably means Åkes new building. Between Åkarp and Mellby there is a unique deciduous forest area where parts of the forest have not been moved for a long time. You can find similarities with the widely known primeval forests in Poland. The area is located at the larger farms Baråkra and Bökåkra. Baråkra is, incidentally, the property that has the name Åkarp 1. The forest is diverse and the presence of old, large trees, fallen trees and dead wood is abundant.

There are many fountains and streams, of which Åkarpsån is one. Parts of the area serve as pasture land with elements of hazel groves and single bush land. The low and moss flora is very interesting, as is the rich bird life with eg. nutcracker, waste pit and tree crawlers. Here are a number of red-listed lava and moss species. The nearest major city with service like school and business is St. Olof two kilometers west and Kivik two kilometers to the northeast. The distance to Simrishamn is just under two kilometers. Bus connections are available from St. Olof and S. Mellby.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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