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At the top of Tomelilla municipality's border with the municipality of Kristianstad, in northern Albo, lies the picturesque little village of Agusa along the road between Alunbruket in Andrarum and Hearing. The village is high and scenic on Linderödsåsen in mixed forest with a large element of deciduous forest. The animal and plant life in the noble forest is rich.

Agusa is a well-known name in hiking circles. The village is the start and end point of the fourteen mile long hiking trail Ås to the ridge trail between Åstorp and Agusa. This trail is part of the popular Skåneleden. The village is situated on the top of the roller coaster Jären or Hörrödsåsen, which runs up on the horst Linderödsåsen. Next to the village, Agusabäcken flows and forms a border between Albo and Gärds hordes.

During Alunbruk's heyday, the village was surrounded by surroundings in the so-called Verkalinjen, where the mills used a lot of wood for their boilers. Towards the end of the 1800 century 188 lived in the village, but today it is considerably fewer.
Every year in July, the village team celebrates its pearl Agusastuan with a stately, genuine family celebration. Agusastugan is an extremely well-preserved building from early 1800 numbers, which 1945 was taken over by the local community association. The cottage speaks its clear language to all of us about what it once looked like, how life once could take shape. In the old small-house home, 1873 Anna Mårtensson was born and here she lived until 1945 without significantly changing anything.

Today, many of the houses are holiday homes. Half-timbered houses, often with a straw or sink, are common.
The nearest larger town is Brösarp with school, childcare, shop, specialty shops, medical center, dentist, innkeeper, pharmacy, church, gallery and sports facility. From Brösarp to Agusa there are nine kilometers. One kilometer further it is to Degeberga. Buses depart from Brösarp as well as Degeberga Tomelilla, Simrishamn and Kristianstad.
If you take the bus from Lund to Sjöbo it is 27 kilometers left to Agusa.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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